Going Home From Hospital

Before you go home, staff will discuss your individual needs in order to make the transition home as smooth as possible. We encourage patients and their families to participate in their going home planning as early as possible to ensure all needs are known.

If you are staying overnight in the hospital, your discharge time will be between 10am and 11am, unless other arrangements have been made by your treating doctor.

Before you leave your room, please ensure that you have:
• Your medications
• Xrays/scans
• All personal belongings
• Any post-discharge care information sheets
• A follow-up appointment with your doctor, if required

Whilst most of the medications you require during your admission are provided by the hospital, you will need to pay for any medications you require on discharge.

Transit Lounge
The Transit Lounge is a waiting area, situated within the medical ward, for patients who are awaiting discharge. The lounge is managed by a Division 1 Registered Nurse, who will continue your hospital care for administration of your medications until you are officially discharged from the hospital.

Medical Certificates
If you, or a family member, requires a medical certificate for your stay in hospital, please let a staff member in your treatment unit know prior to discharge.