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Group 3

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible care to meet our patients’ physical, emotional and cultural needs. We will do all we can to make your stay with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


Telephones are installed at each bed. Charges apply for telephone use. Please ask our nursing staff for more information.


Televisions are available for hire. Please ask our nursing staff for more information.

Newspapers and Magazines

Each day a trolley circulates through the wards, from which you can purchase newspapers and magazines. Newspapers and magazines are also available to purchase at the Glasshouse Cafe.


Inward mail and parcels are delivered to the wards daily. Stamped outward mail may be handed to the ward staff for posting. Stamps are available to purchase at the Glasshouse Cafe Gift Shop.


Arrangements can be made to have your personal laundry attended to during your hospital stay. A small charge may apply. Please ask our nursing staff for more information.


All meals served at GV Health are freshly cooked by qualified chefs and designed to be nutritionally balanced, based on Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Menus are found on your breakfast tray each morning.

Please fill out your menu choices by 9.15am each day for collection by the menu monitors. Menu monitors can assist with selection and completion of your menu if help is required.

When special diets are prescribed, you will be required to adhere to that diet.

Please consult with nursing staff if you have specially prepared meals for medical, religious or cultural reasons

Meal Times

  • 7.30am — Breakfast
  • 10.00am — Morning Tea
  • 12.15pm — Lunch
  • 2.45pm — Afternoon Tea
  • 5.45pm — Dinner

These times are approximate and may vary slightly depending on your ward.

At GV Health red trays are used to alert staff if you need a little extra assistance with your meal. This might be because you need some help to open your food packets, or to eat your meal, or it just may mean we are keeping a record of how much you are eating to make sure you are getting enough food and drink to help your recovery.

If you, or a family member, have any concerns about your meals, please speak to our nursing staff about this.

Patient Identification

All patients are required to wear a bracelet displaying their identification information. Please leave your identification bracelet on during your stay.

Smoking, Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

To protect the health of our patients and staff, smoking is not permitted within the boundaries of GV Health facilities. This includes any building, outdoor area or vehicle within the grounds.

Alcohol and recreational drugs are not to be brought into the hospital under any circumstances. All laws regarding the use of illegal drugs apply in the hospital.