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At GV Health we are proud to employ passionate health professionals, dedicated to improving health outcomes through clinical research, investigation and innovation.

New and ongoing developments in medicine, nursing and allied health enable us to provide the best possible health services for our patients and continually improve clinical care.

Research at GV Health reflects the unique health concerns and needs of our community, and is consistent with our values of compassion, respect, excellence, accountability, teamwork and ethical behavior. GV Health’s research objectives are to:

  • Develop a vibrant culture of research and innovation for our staff
  • Encourage and support our staff to participate in research activity
  • Lead health system improvements and innovations
  • Optimise the translation of research into clinical practice and health policy
  • Improve health outcomes and clinical care for our patients
  • Foster collaborative relationships to optimise opportunities for research
  • Deliver safe and effective research methods with highest possible research integrity

Embarking on research can feel intimidating, but GV Health offers a range of supports for staff conducting research.

The research team at GV Health can help by:

  • Providing advice and support to secure funding for research
  • Assisting with the coordination of research administration
  • Assisting in all aspects of research methodology including formulating research questions, writing study protocols, data management and analysis, conference and scientific publications
  • Assisting with Human Research Ethics Applications, including Quality Improvement applications, and their process
  • Assisting with governance applications, study contracts, and budgeting
  • Liaising with ethics committees
  • Providing advocacy, advice, assistance and encouragement to all staff wishing to pursue clinical research activities

For more information about conducting research at GV Health, contact