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Group 3

Our organisation is so much more than a health service. We are a critical part of the Goulburn Valley community, and make a significant public value contribution to people living and working in, and visiting, the vibrant Goulburn Valley.

Goulburn Valley Health has identified four key pillars (our areas of focus) to respond to our strategic drivers and these form the foundation of our strategic plan. Over the five year period of the Strategic Plan, we are delivering on eighteen priorities to provide high-quality services and deliver outstanding health and wellbeing outcomes for all across the region. These outcomes will put people receiving care and treatment at the centre of everything we do, increase the sophistication of Goulburn Valley Health’s response to complex and chronic health needs in our community, cement our leadership in healthcare across the region and ensure we have a great culture and workforce that are able to meet new and emerging opportunities and challenges.

We support all aspects of individual, family and community health and wellbeing, connect people and organisations, support the local economy, provide comfort and safety, embed inclusion, foster diversity, and create a more sustainable, cohesive and livable community for all.

We have reached the mid-point of our current Strategic Plan which has provided time for us to reflect on what has been achieved and what is still to come.