Health Professionals

This section provides quality, up-to-date health information for medical practitioners, other health professionals and the wider community. It includes health statistics, information and resources through the ‘Healthy Communities Knowledge Exchange’ portal, and details about referrals, diagnostic services, careers and professional development.

The ‘Healthy Communities Knowledge Exchange’ provides data from a number of sources allowing for comparison of population health within and outside of the Goulburn Valley. It includes a wide range of statistics and indicators covering demographics, morbidity and mortality, preventative health and measures of the social determinants of health and wellbeing.

GV Health provides leadership to health professionals across the region and works in partnership with a range of other health service providers – from local doctors and specialists to community health organisations, to deliver services to the community.

GV Health has a strong focus on professional development, education and research – working with other key organisations, and also provides a range of graduate programs and careers, being the largest employer in the region.