The Victorian State Government has introduced a Supplier Code of Conduct to support its commitment to ethical, sustainable and socially responsible procurement

GV Health requires all its existing and new suppliers to commit to the Code. The Code does not supersede or alter the supplier’s regulatory and contractual obligations.  GV Health expects suppliers to communicate the Code to their related entities, suppliers and subcontractors who support them in supplying goods and services, or construction works and services to GV Health, so they are aware of, understand and comply with the Code.

As a supplier to GV Health, you are advised to review the Code and ensure that relevant areas of your business and supply chain meet these standards.

The Supplier Code of Conduct itself is available at the VGPB website: http://www.procurement.vic.gov.au/Suppliers/Supplier-Code-of-Conduct
Updates and amendments to the Code will also be made available at this website.