About Us

Our Role

GV Health is the main referral health service for the Hume region. Our services include a 24-hour Emergency Department, Surgery, Medical Services, Women’s and Children’s Services, Rehabilitation and Palliative Care, Mental Health, Outpatients, services at Tatura and Rushworth, and community-based health programs.

We pride ourselves on delivering patient-centred care and we aim to enhance the patient experience through improved service access, developing partnerships, meeting growth in demand, implementing innovative service models and ensuring workforce flexibility.

Our Community


  • GV Health services an immediate population of 107,000 people and by 2021, our primary catchment is expected to increase to 116,000.
  • A total of 70% of our primary catchment lives in Greater Shepparton. A significant number of patients also come from our secondary catchment – Strathbogie, Moira and Campaspe Shires.
  • Greater Shepparton has an ageing population. Currently 40% of acute services are provided to those aged 65 years and over. In future it is expected that more than half of all acute services will be provided to those aged 70 years and over.
  • Greater Shepparton has a higher percentage of children under 14 years (20.9%) and a slightly higher rate of people aged 15- 24 years (13.4%) compared to the rates for rural Victoria (19.1% aged under 14 and 12.6% aged 15-24).
  • Greater Shepparton has a significantly higher percentage (11%) of people born in non-English speaking countries living in Shepparton compared to other parts of the catchment. This is twice the rate of rural Victoria (5.6%).
  • Greater Shepparton has a significantly higher indigenous population at 3.8%, more than twice the rate for rural Victoria (1.4%).

Health Status

Our community has a higher percentage of people with:

  • Heart disease (8.1%) compared to the rate for the State of Victoria (6.9%).
  • Obesity (26.4%) compared to the rate for the State of Victoria (17.3%).
  • Low birth weight babies (7.9%) compared to the rate for the State of Victoria (6.6%).
  • Poor diet – a total of 54.9% do not meet fruit and vegetable dietary guidelines compared to the rate for the State of Victoria 51.1%.

More data on our community is available in the Healthy Communities Knowledge Exchange section.