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Group 3

Dr Tunde Maiyaki Ibrahim

Consultant Physician and Director of Physician Education

Tunde joined GVH in June 2008 as a senior registrar and was promoted to a consultant in 2011 after passing the RACP exam. Since then, Tunde has made significant contributions to the education of junior doctors and medical students at the Rural Clinical School of the University of Melbourne. Tunde has extensive work experience in various countries such as Nigeria, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Greneda, and British Virgin Island.

Tunde is a seasoned physician with an impressive educational background. He obtained the Fellow of West African College of Physicians in 1999 and holds numerous other qualifications, including Fellow of Australasia College of Physicians, Fellow American College of Physician, European Diploma in Internal Medicine, Postgraduate Diploma in Infectious Disease from the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Postgraduate Certificate, and Graduate Certificate in Echocardiography. Tunde is also one of the distinguished alumni of the University of Melbourne Graduate Certificate in Excellence in Clinical Education program.

As a consultant physician and director of physician training, Tunde provides exceptional patient-centered care to GVH patients and trains medical students and junior doctors. His dedication to his work ensures that GVH continues to provide top-quality care to its patients.