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Resource Library

For more information on previous or upcoming ECHO sessions, or to request a copy of a session’s PowerPoint presentation, please contact

2024 Curriculum and Resources

 19 November 2024

Topic: TBA

Presenter: TBA


 15 October 2024

Topic: TBA

Presenter: TBA


 17 September 2024

Topic: Recognising family violence in perinatal period

Presenter: Professor Manjula Datta O’Connor, Consultant Psychiatrist, Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne


 20 August 2024

Topic: Multicultural women’s and children’s mental health 

Presenter: Dr Rajlaxmi Khopadi – Consultant Psychiatrist, Goulburn Valley Health


16 July 2024

Topic: TBA



18 June 2024

Topic: Parenting with Borderline Personality Disorder

Presenter: Associate Professor Sathya Rao OAM, Spectrum


21 May 2024

Topic: Management of Eating Disorders in Pregnancy

Presenter: Dr Phoebe Gao, Consultant Psychiatrist, Women’s Recovery Network, Alfred Mental & Addiction Health


19th March 2024

Topic: New Specialist Outreach Consultation Services (SOCS)

Presenter: Dr Tejas Golhar, Consultant Psychiatrist, Goulburn Valley Health

Resources 1.GV CAMHS Youth Psychiatrist T44 (003) 2.Handout 2 – DSP lens 3.SOCS – Youth __ FAQs

2023 Curriculum and Resources

15 August 2023

Topic: Stuck In Hospital – Infant Mental Health with Sick Infants and their Families
Presenter: Dr Megan Chapman – Royal Children’s Hospital

18 July 2023

Topic: Gidget Foundation
Presenter: Dr Erin Seeto

20 June 2023

Topic: ForWhen Navigator
Presenter: Laura Coleman

16 May 2023 

Topic: Bubs in Mind
Presenter: Kathy Eyre and Dr Lisa DaSilva

18 April 2023

Topic: Development in Infancy
Presenter: Dr Paul Robertson

21 March 2023

Topic: Primary Tokophobia
Presenter: Associate Professor Kirstie McKenzie-McHarg

21 February 2023

Topic: Family Mental Health from a Multicultural Perspective
Presenter: Fatima Al-Qarakchy

2022 Curriculum and Resources

15 November 2022

Topic: Specialist Women’s Mental Health Service
Presenter: Kalina Clarke

16 August 2022

Topic: Why Does My Baby Cry Alot
Presenter: Dr Rachna Verma

19 July 2022

Topic: Child Parent Psychotherapy Informed Care
Presenter: Dr Vibhay Raykar

21 June 2022

Topic: Naturalistic Developmental Behavioural Approaches for Very Young Children Diagnosed with Autism
Presenter: Professor Cheryl Dissanayake

17 May 2022

Topic: Early Identification of Autism from Infancy to Preschool using Developmental Surveillance
Presenter: Associate Professor Josephine Barbaro

26 April 2022

Topic: The Essentials of Working with Perinatal Loss
Presenter: Renee Miller

15 March 2022

Topic: Six Approaches for Your Practice Toolbox
Presenter: Sarah Marlowe

15 February 2022

Topic: Infant Mental Health in Practice – Reflections from a Tertiary Practitioner
Presenter: Meredith Banks

2021 Curriculum and Resources

16 November 2021

Topic: Infant Mental Health in Practice
Presenter: Meredith Banks

19 October 2021

Topic: PANDA
Presenter: Sarah Marlowe

21 September 2021

Topic: The Psychosocial Aspects of Receiving a Prenatal Diagnosis a Congenital Anomaly
Presenter: Pieta Shakes

17 August 2021

Topic: Key Principles of Practice – First Nations Childrearing
Presenter: Dr Mishel McMahon

20 July 2021

Topic: Infant-Led Practice in Addressing the Impacts of Family Violence
Presenter: Dr Wendy Bunston

15 June 2021

Topic: The Importance of Early Family Relationships
Presenter: Dr Julie Stone

Date 18 May 2021

Topic: Perinatal and Early Childhood Mental Health
Presenter: Dr Raju Lakshmana

20 April 2021

Topic: Perinatal Mental Health Disorders
Presenter: Dr Raju Lakshmana

16 March 2021

Topic: Introduction to Perinatal Mental Health
Presenter: Dr Raju Lakshmana

9 March 2021

Topic: Adverse Childhood Experiences
Presenter: Dr Vibhay Raykar