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Group 3

Alfred Health, Goulburn Valley Health and Ramsay Health Care have partnered to deliver the Women’s Recovery Network (Wren). This service is the first of its kind; an expert hybrid of private and public hospital care, developed to fill a gap in female-focused psychiatric care.

Wren provides inpatient care at Shepparton Private Hospital and an alternative to hospitalisation via Hospital in the Home care. Services include comprehensive assessment (including investigations specific to reproductive and sexual health), diagnostic clarification, brief psychological therapies, psychosocial support and pharmacological interventions. These services are provided by clinicians and lived experienced staff to provide holistic care.  

The objectives of our team are:

  • To provide choice and flexibility in the delivery of mental health care
  • To provide an environment that promotes gender and sexual safety
  • Consumers will be treated in the least restrictive environment
  • Consumers will have an improved experience of an inpatient unit
  • Consumers will receive individual and tailored treatment suitable to their needs.
  • Consumers’ past and current sexual trauma issues are considered and addressed wherever possible or referred to appropriate services

Who is Wren available to?

The service provides specialist mental health treatment and care for women and people who identify as women aged 18 and above, presenting with severe mental illness and trauma.

How can I access Wren?

At this time, Wren is only available via internal referral from Goulburn Valley Area Mental Health and Wellbeing Service.