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The Goulburn Valley Health Unit (GVPHU) is evolving. From our roots in COVID-19 response to now, we have emerged from the pandemic as fully operational public health unit which continues to grow.

The GVPHU is one of nine public health units across metropolitan and regional Victoria, representing seven local government areas across northern Victoria. The unit was originally established in late 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is funded by the Victorian Department of Health and governed by GV Health.

The Public Health Unit is distinct from the role of the rest of the health system which is primarily focused on providing healthcare services to individuals and families.

Our Vision

We will work together with our communities to foster partnerships through collaboration and engagement. Our vision is to facilitate equitable, accessible health services and consistency of care. We aim to empower people in our community to optimise their individual wellbeing and drive better health outcomes for people in our region.

We do this by developing an in-depth understanding of health and wellbeing of the people in our region. We collaborate with partner organisations and our community to inform and produce high-quality, evidence-based public health interventions.

The GVPHU is governed by GV Health and focuses on five key areas of work:

  • Health Protection – Including public health officers, infection prevention control, clinical nurse consultants and team leaders, as well as medical leads
  • Intelligence Systems and Digital Innovation – Including epidemiologists and data analysts
  • Public Health Integrated Planning and Programs – Promoting health and wellbeing at a population or whole of community level
  • Engagement, Communications and Capacity Development – Including community engagement and communications and design specialists
  • Emergency Management

Some of the key pieces of work currently underway include managing communicable disease and respiratory outbreaks in sensitive settings in the community. And collaborating with key organisations within our community to drive community awareness of local public health issues and advocating for priority populations.