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Group 3

Our Child and Adolescent Unit provides care for children from early infancy through to adolescence. A range of community care services are available for children requiring further care after discharge.

GV Health staff are committed to providing family-centred, individualised care. Families are encouraged to make choices and participate in planning relating to their child’s care. 

The Child and Adolescent Unit is staffed 24 hours a day by a highly dedicated team. This team includes paediatric nurses, consultant paediatricians and hospital medical officers. Paediatric allied health staff, including a social worker, dietician, speech pathologist, physiotherapist, play therapist and mental health professionals, complement the dedicated team.

The beautiful new Child and Adolescent Unit at GV Health features colourful designs, a playground and a playroom. The unit comprises twelve beds and a treatment room. 

We have the facilities to accommodate one parent/carer overnight. Within the unit, a small parent’s lounge, tea and coffee-making facilities, fridge, toaster and microwave are available.