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The conference, ‘Parkinson’s disease- The why’s, the how’s and the what’s’ was presented on Tuesday 28th November 2023 on  behalf of Goulburn Valley Health, the Goulburn Valley Movement Disorder Service, the GV Health Foundation and the Darnley Montgomery Foundation.

Video Presentations

Holistic management of PD- presented by Dr Sanjay Raghav- Neurologist, Monash Medical Centre.

The pivotal role of the Parkinson’s Nurse- presented by Nurse Katriona Russell- PD Specialist Nurse, WA.

The therapeutic role of dance in PD- presented by Paris Wages- Choreographer, Instructor and dancer, founder of ‘Dance with PD.’

Exercise in PD – ‘ What , when and how much?’- presented by Prof. Jennifer McGinley – Head, Physiotherapy Dept., Melbourne University. 

Cognitive changes in PD Presented by Prof. Malcolm Horne- Florey Neurosciences Institute. 

Recent developments in Parkinson’s Disease – what more is available now?- Presented by Prof. Robert Iansek- Neurologist. 

Non-motor symptoms in PD – an update Presented by Prof. Simon Lewis – Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience Sydney University.