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Group 3

Crisis Care

GVCASA provides a 24/7 crisis care response to anyone who has experienced sexual assault at any point in their lives.

GVCASA provides confidential, telephone or face to face crisis care for people who have experienced past and/or recent sexual assault.

A state-wide 24/7 telephone crisis line is available by calling GVCASA, and for recent sexual assault an immediate face to face response with a crisis care worker is available 24/7.

The GVCASA crisis care worker meets with recent victim/survivor at GV Health or the Police station. The crisis care worker will provide support and advocacy; and information on legal and medical rights and options. Access to immediate support, advocacy and accurate information is crucial for the victim/survivor’s longer term healing.

If you wish to report a sexual assault to police, please contact the Victoria Police, Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team (SOCIT). Phone (03) 5820 5878.

Whether you decide to report the sexual assault to police or not, GVCASA is available to support you. Call us 1800 112 343.

Individual Counselling

GVCASA has experienced and qualified counsellors who provide counselling for victims/survivors of sexual assault. This service is available to all victim/survivors regardless of their age, gender or the time that has elapsed since the assault.

Individual counselling enables you to work through the impact of the sexual abuse at your own pace and in an environment where your rights are respected. Counselling is also available for your families, partners and friends to assist them in understanding and dealing with their own feelings and to support you in your journey.

GVCASA does not provide services to perpetrators of sexual abuse.

Adult Therapeutic Groups

Impact of sexual assault on the lives of victim survivors is multi-faceted and complex.

It includes emotional, social, psychological, legal, health and political consequences. To facilitate a victim survivor’s recovery from sexual violence, Sexual Assault Services Victoria recognises the importance of responding to each aspect in an appropriate and effective manner.

The impact of sexual assault can be compounded by factors such as gender, culture, race, ethnicity, age, sexuality, religion, ability and socio-economic class.

Other Services

Information and Referral

GVCASA provides an information and referral service which is available to victim/survivors, their non-offending family members, partners and friends.

Please phone (03) 5858 9300 or 1800 112 343.

Advocacy and Support

GVCASA is available to provide information on the range of options available for victim / survivors and discuss the implications of each. Should you prefer, your counsellor can assist you to advocate in support of your interests.

Link with Interpreters

GVCASA has access to confidential interpreter services and can arrange for a suitably qualified person to assist where necessary. This service is provided free.