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The Aged Persons Mental Health Service offers holistic mental health treatment. Our multidisciplinary team provides case management, acute care and psychogeriatric nursing home care.

Who is the Aged Persons Mental Health Service available to?

The service provides specialist mental health treatment and care for eligible people over the age of 65 years, or under 65 years if the person has an aged related condition.

How do I access the Aged Persons Mental Health Service?

If you are concerned about the mental health of yourself or someone else and you feel someone is in immediate danger, at risk to themselves, has suicidal ideas or is a risk to others, call 000.

Access to mental health services across the region are available via a centralised triage service, call 1300 369 005. Through this service you can talk to a trained mental health clinician who will give you advice and help you access appropriate services.

After your initial phone conversation, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment where a treatment plan will be put in place. This may involve brief case management intervention, long term case coordination or evidence based therapeutic intervention.