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GV Health’s home care midwives provide visits to new mothers and babies. This may be because you have gone home early or would like advice to help you settle in at home with your baby. Once you and your baby are discharged from hospital, one of our friendly midwives will visit you at home. Most women will receive a visit within 1 -2 days post discharge, however this arranged on an individual basis.

Midwifery home care visits are usually available 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday, between 8am  – 4:30pm.

These visits are free and can include:

  • Postnatal checks of mother and baby
  • Supervision and teaching skills relating to the care of the of your baby ( bathing , feeding, cord care etc)
  • Health education and advice about contraception
  • Talking about how you are coping and feeling

This is a wonderful time for you and your baby and we hope we can help you enjoy it.