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Our newly upgraded Maternity Ward is located on level one of the Fairley Wing, adjacent to the Birthing Suite and Special Care Nursery.

The ward comprises of 12 private rooms, each with private ensuite. The ward also features a brand new patient lounge and parent’s room. This warm and inviting space has been designed to provide women with an alternative location to care for their baby.

Length of stay

Once your baby is born, you will ideally be transferred from the birthing suite or theatre to the maternity ward within four hours post birth. The length of your stay in hospital will depend on the nature of your birth and the level of care you require.

Typically, post vaginal birth you will be invited to stay two nights. Post caesarean section, your stay will be between two and three nights. These routine lengths of stay are individualised to each woman’s needs, as some women may feel comfortable being discharged prior to these proposed time frames. In all cases, women and their families will be supported in making plans for discharge.

If you feel comfortable and it is medically safe to do so, you are also able to discharge home from Birth Suite after four to six hours from birth.

Visiting hours

Visitors are welcome between 2pm and 8pm. A primary support person is welcome to stay with you for the duration of your hospital stay.

Postnatal and infant feeding

The World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF recommended that breastfeeding be initiated within the first hour of birth and children be exclusively breastfeed for the first six months of life.

This recommendation is based off the knowledge that breastmilk, which is clean, safe and full of antibodies, not only supplies all the necessary nutrients your baby requires, but is proven to provide protection against allergies, sickness and childhood illnesses.

Regardless of feeding choices and circumstances, all women will be supported and educated to care for their baby in the safest possible way. At GV Health we acknowledge families right to make an informed decision on how they choose to feed their newborn infant.

We know that learning to breastfeed takes time and patience, so should you choose to breastfeed your baby, we are here to support and guide you. All our midwives can provide education to help you establish safe feeding practices that can be sustained at home.

Breastfeeding support service

GV Health offers a breastfeeding support service for women, accessible via Monash Street. This service is staffed by qualified lactation consultants who, in a safe and comfortable environment, are able to help you navigate any challenges you may face on your breastfeeding journey.

This service is available via appointment and can be accessed up to six months post birth. For more information, phone the GV Health Breastfeeding Support Service on 4804 4940. Breastfeeding support is also available via the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA), phone 1800 686 268.


Whilst you’re in hospital, we will commence your baby’s routine immunisation schedule by offering the first Hepatitis B vaccine, as well as Vitamin K.

For more information on each of these please follow the links below

  • Hepatitis B

  • Vitamin K

Car Seats

It is your responsibility to ensure your baby leaves the hospital in a properly fitted car seat. Child restraints are designed to diminish the risk of injury to the child in the event of a collision or abrupt deceleration of the vehicle.

Professional car seat fittings are available at Baby Bunting Shepparton on Wednesdays and Saturdays, via appointment. These fittings cost $45. For more information or to book, phone (03) 5829 7500.

After you go home

Once you and your baby are discharged from the hospital, one of our friendly midwives will visit you at home. Most women will receive a visit within 1-2 days post discharge however this is arranged on an individual basis.

Once you’re settled at home and our midwives are happy to discharge you from our care, you and your baby will continue to be supported by your local Maternal & Child Health Care service (MCHN). This service is a free primary health service that promotes the health, wellbeing and development of young children and their families.

To make MCH appointments, for general enquiries, or to speak to a MCH Nurse, phone (03) 5832 9312.