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GV Health’s Community Rehabilition Centre (CRC) is a specialist rehabilitation service. The CRC provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment for people with both new symptoms and chronic conditions, through a range of specialist clinics and services.

CRC provides individualised, timely, goal-centred care that aims to improve health outcomes, promote health independence and optimise participation in meaningful activities. CRC helps people who have physical disability, are frail or chronically ill. We also treat those recovering from a traumatic illness or injury to regain and maintain optimal function. CRC aims to enable people to maximise their independence and return to, or remain in, their usual place of residence.

CRC can support patients with a wide variety of health conditions ranging from acute to chronic diseases, and terminal or progressive diseases that require complex rehabilitation. To support your health independence, we offer the following programs, services and individual therapy.

Our rehabilitation programs include:

  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Cancer wellness program
  • Cognition and communication group
  • Falls and balance group
  • Hydrotherapy group
  • Parkinson’s group
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation in the home (RITH)
  • Videofluroscopy service
  • Neuromuscular and/or progressive neurological rehabilitation
  • Geriatric rehabilitation
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Complex orthopaedic care

Our specialist clinics include:

  • Complex seating wheelchair clinic
  • Falls and balance clinic
  • Lymphedema clinic
  • Movement disorder clinic
  • Paediatric feeding clinic
  • Vestibular clinic

Our multidisciplinary teams include:

  • Allied Health Assistants
  • Dietetians
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Occupational Therapists 
  • Physiotherapists
  • Social workers
  • Speech pathologists
  • Nurses
  • Cardiac rehabilitation nurses
  • Movement disorder nurse
  • Lymphedema nurses

Who is the Community Rehabilitation Centre available to?

The CRC is available to all people in the community, via referral.

How do I access the CRC?

Access to the CRC is via referral only. To arrange a referral, please speak to your General Practitioner (GP), specialist or treating team. For more information, call 1800 222 582 (select option 4)