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The Post-Acute Care (PAC) Program provides short-term health and community care services for those who need additional support to recover at home after a public hospital stay.

PAC staff are able to link clients into ongoing long-term support in the community if required.

The PAC program aims to facilitate a safe and timely discharge from hospital, assist in recovery at home and reduce the risk of readmission.

Who is the PAC program available to?

The PAC program is available to patients discharged from a public hospital (including emergency departments, acute and sub-acute services) with limited supports at home.

Those referred will need to be assessed as requiring short-term, community-based help to assist them to recuperate in the community, and to ensure safe and timely discharge.

Services are available for up to four weeks. If the patients’ needs extend beyond this period, referrals to other organisations/programs can be discussed.

Where another program was providing support prior to the hospital episode, it is expected that these services will resume upon discharge from hospital.

To be eligible for GV Health’s PAC program, patients must:

  • Reside in Greater Shepparton or Moira LGA
  • Have been discharged from a public hospital within the last 28 days; OR
  • Have attended the Emergency Department at GV Health within the last 28 days

Patients will need to sign a consent form to receive services from the Post-Acute Care program.

Patients will need to agree to information being collected and sent to the Department of Human Services so that they can evaluate and monitor the program. The information sent will not include personal details such as name, address or date of birth.

What services are available?

A broad range of services are available to meet individual needs and may include:

  • Community nursing
  • Personal care assistance
  • Home care assistance
  • Allied health therapy

How do I access the PAC program?

You can self-refer if you are a patient at GV Health or contact your treating team to make a referral for you. For more information, call 1800 222 582.

There is no cost for this short-term service.

There is no waiting period to be admitted to Post-Acute Care however, due to demand, there may be a wait for some services. The Post-Acute Care coordinators will advise the patient of any delays.