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Speech Pathologists provide specialist assessment, treatment and management for people of all ages who have difficulty communicating and/or swallowing due to developmental delay, stroke, brain injuries, cancer, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, dementia and hearing loss and other conditions that affect speech and language.

GV Health’s speech pathologists offer a range of specialised services including:

  • Speech and language assessment and therapy
  • Cognitive assessment and therapy
  • Assessment and therapy for swallowing difficulties (including videofluoroscopy)
  • Laryngectomy care and management
  • Assistance with obtaining and using alternative communication devices
  • Education and counselling for clients, their family and carers
  • Referrals to external agencies

Who is GV Health’s speech pathology service available to?

GV Health’s speech pathology service is available to inpatients, outpatients who have been referred from a clinical service within GV Health and people in the community who are referred to GV Health’s outpatient services.

How do I access GV Health’s speech pathology service?

Access to GV Health’s speech pathology service is via referral only. To arrange a referral, please speak to your General Practitioner (GP) or treating team.