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Social Workers provide practical and emotional support to patients and their families to assist in the management of changes to their health and wellbeing.

Providing a comprehensive range of services, the Social Work Department supports individual patients, partners, carers and their families to address any emotional needs or practical concerns that may arise, including the following:

  • Adjustment to a diagnosis, illness or lifestyle changes
  • Counselling and emotional support
  • Assistance with communication between patients, partners, carers, families and the healthcare team
  • Financial or practical concerns that may arise as a result of your illness, treatment or admission to hospital
  • Referral to specialist and community agencies and support services
  • Advocating on behalf of patients, partners, carers and families

Who is GV Health’s social work service available to?

The Social Work service is free, confidential and available to inpatients and outpatients who have been referred from a clinical service within GV Health.

How do I access GV Health’s social work service?

If you are an admitted patient or accessing a clinical service within GV Health you can self-refer or contact your treating team to make a referral on your behalf.