GV Health offers a service to residential aged care facilities within the Greater Shepparton area, as an alternative to their residents attending the Emergency Department (ED).

Residential In-Reach staff include highly skilled nurses who have extensive experience within the ED and provide care that is client-centred, professional, holistic and outcome-focused.

The Residential In-Reach team offers prompt, comprehensive assessment and short-term support for residents who:

  • Are acutely unwell
  • Are unable to be seen by their usual General Practitioner (GP)
  • Are at risk of transfer to the ED

The service does not replace the routine services of the resident’s usual GP.

Who is Residential In-Reach available to?

GV Health Residential In-Reach services are available to all residents at aged care facilities within the Greater Shepparton area. Residents at independent living units are not eligible for Residential In-Reach services.

How do I access the Residential In-Reach service?

Clients can refer themselves or be referred by a family member, carer, GP or health professional. For more information, call 0407 334 232.