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The Residential In-Reach (RIR) is a service aimed at decreasing avoidable presentations to Emergency Departments (ED) from Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF).

RIR provides care, consultation, referral, education and support for clients and care providers within Shepparton, Mooroopna, Tatura and Rushworth RACF’s. RIR is not intended to replace the primary care provided by their GP.

The RIR team consists of Nurse Practitioners and highly skilled nurses who will liaise closely with the residents GP, consulting geriatricians, as well as other appropriate community services. Residential In-Reach staff must be invited into the aged care facility by the client/patient or their family, RACF staff, GP or Ambulance Victoria.

RIR helps to:

  • Ensure that care is delivered in the right place at the right time
  • Prevent avoidable hospital presentations by bringing expert hospital care to the facility
  • Support the transition of residents from hospital to their place of residence
  • Assist the RACF staff in the ongoing development of clinical skills and knowledge through targeted education
  • Support emergency services such as Ambulance Victoria and our ED by providing a clinical resource in the community
  • Provide continuity of care through comprehensive consultation and liaision with next of kin, facility staff, specialists, other community services and the residents GP.

Who is Residential In-Reach available to?

GV Health Residential In-Reach services are available to all residents at aged care facilities within the Greater Shepparton area. Residents at independent living units are not eligible for Residential In-Reach services.

A resident may be referred due to:

  • Being acutely unwell
  • Being unable to be attended by their GP in a timely manner
  • Being at risk of transfer to the Emergency Department
  • A new device or treatment plan requiring speciality care/education such as colostomy, drain tube, syringe driver or nasogastric tube
  • Isues post discharge from hospital
  • Family Concerns
  • Uncontrolled pain issues
  • Chronic Diseases such as CHF, COPD
  • Palliative / end-of-life support

This service will not replace transfer to the appropriate level of hospital care where indicated or usual GP care.

How do I access the Residential In-Reach service?

Clients can refer themselves or be referred by a family member, carer, GP or health professional. For more information, call 0407 334 232.

This is a free service.