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Leaping For Joy

In an unexpected turn of events, Goulburn Valley Health celebrated the arrival of five precious babies on February 29, a day that graces our calendars only once every four years.

Given that GV Health typically welcomes an average of three newborns per day, this leap year brought abundant joy.

“It was a very busy day in maternity,” GV Health associate director of midwifery Carmel Brophy said.

“It was a special day and exceeded the average number of babies born per day at GV Health, which is exciting.”

Among the fortunate families were Yulan Gunawan and Lachlan Taylor, who embraced the surprise of their daughter’s early arrival.

Aluna Taylor was originally due on March 1.

“We are so excited,” new mum Yulan said.

“I didn’t know that Aluna was one of five babies born February 29, so when I heard that, I thought it was incredible.”

The surprise of her leap-year birth date adds an extra layer to her story.

Considering the unusual date, the family will celebrate Aluna’s birthday on February 28 during non-leap years.

The unexpected influx of leap-year babies has brought extra happiness to GV Health’s maternity ward.

Families are cherishing this moment, embracing the uniqueness of being part of a leap year birth.

“It’s these special moments that make working in maternity so rewarding,” Carmel said.

“It’s a celebration of life and the unpredictability that makes each birth a truly unique and joyous occasion.”