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Launch of Seymour House of HOPE

GV Health’s Hospital Outreach Post-suicidal Engagement (HOPE) program opened in Seymour on December 9.

The program was already established in Shepparton and run by GV Health, but recently received funding from the Victorian Government to open to the lower Hume region.

The House of HOPE offers a client-led therapeutic mental health approach, which includes a 12 week program to get participants back on their feet and looking to the future with clinical and psychosocial support.

A client-centric approach means clients can direct what they need from the service, while clinicians can adapt their therapy to each individual’s needs.

Clinical support on offer includes acceptance and commitment therapy, narrative therapy, interpersonal therapy, motivational therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and solutions focused therapy.

It also provides referrals to long term supports.

Wide-reaching psychosocial support is available and includes assistance with housing, appointments, social connection and support and court hearings.

Clients can be referred to HOPE through Mental Health Triage; those at fluctuating or high suicide risk, are substance affected or are acutely mentally unwell are not suitable for the program.