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Health Coaching Success Story

Ally said she had always struggles with her weight and health.

She tried various diets and exercise routines, but nothing seemed to work.

That’s when she turned to Goulburn Valley Health’s Health Coaching program and met Leanne, registered nurse and health coach and Quit smoking and vaping educator.

With Leanne’s guidance and support, Ally made significant changes in her lifestyle, shedding an impressive 17kg and thriving in her newfound wellness.

“[The program] has helped me with weight loss, balancing work and life commitments and has helped me get back to who I was,” she said.

“I am back to enjoying life; I see a tomorrow, I enjoy my dog shows, I enjoy doing fun things with my son and socialising with my husband,” Ally said.

GV Health’s Health Coaching program is an affordable service that provides self-management skills and emotional support to individuals struggling with their health.

Leanne said the GV Health Community Health team, specifically the Self-Management Support Program, offers a range of options, from individual support with health coaching to support for smoking cessation.

“When you attend a Health Coaching appointment, you can expect to learn healthy lifestyle choices such as keeping active, making better food/drink choices, and managing stress,” Leanne said.

“We also offer group programs such as ‘Tai Chi for beginners’, an all-abilities gentle movement program and ‘FoodREDi’, which focuses on learning about healthy eating and cooking.

“You will also increase your health knowledge and identify your health goals with the help of your coach,” she said.

Leanne said the Health Coaching program also connects individuals to other helpful services and provides emotional support throughout their journey.

“Health Coaching to me is helping people improve their health by making small changes to their lifestyle that can make big improvements in their health,” Leanne said.

“We know that most chronic diseases can be prevented and managed by eating well, being physically active, avoiding smoking and excessive drinking, getting a good night’s sleep and managing stress.

“Your coach will help you focus on the present and recognise your success, motivating you to continue towards better health,“ she said.

Thanks to GV Health’s Health Coaching program, locals like Ally have made significant progress towards their health goals and feel more confident managing their health.

“The service itself has done everything I needed,” Ally said.

“It was the ear I needed to speak to and the advice I needed to hear.

“It has changed my life for the better.”

GV Health’s Health Coaching service is provided at a low cost.

The program ensures services are affordable by offering a fee structure that varies depending on your ability to pay, and in some circumstances fees can be waived for clients experiencing financial difficulty.

Based on assessment, GV Health’s Health Coaching service is available to people over 18 years of age.

For more information about Health Coaching or to hear Ally’s full story, click here.

To self-refer to Health Coaching, please either visit Community Health @ GV Health, 121-135 Corio St, Shepparton or call1800 222 582 (select option 4).