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GV Health pioneers steam therapy for prostate health in regional Victoria

A first for regional Victoria, Goulburn Valley Health is introducing new, groundbreaking technology to diagnose and treat benign prostate enlargements.

The treatment — known as Water Vapour Therapy (Rezum) — is a steam treatment which involves steam injected directly into the tissue that’s causing problems, destroying the extra tissue.

Rezum is a minimally invasive surgery, unlike traditional major surgery, as it requires no cutting or permanent implants.

“There’s a prevalent condition that can cause annoying urinary symptoms like poor flow, urinary frequency and urgency,” urologist Dr Daniel Lenaghan said.

“The advantage of this machine is that it can quickly inject steam into the prostate to allow it to shrink back and restore a better channel through the prostate where it’s been enlarged.”

GV Health is the second hospital to offer the treatment in Victoria, after St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne.

However, it was the first Victorian hospital to purchase the equipment.

“GV Health is the first regional hospital to offer Rezum, which is a considerable achievement as it eliminates the need for patients to travel to Melbourne,” Dr Lenaghan said.

“Patients can still choose to have the traditional operation because that has its advantages, but until now, Rezum has only been available in Melbourne.

“The procedure itself only takes around 10 minutes, which is rapid and can be done as a daily procedure, so patients get home on the same day,”

GV Health clinical nurse specialist in urology, Sindhu Joby, said while Rezum has its health advantages, it also alleviates the stress of bed-stay issues at GV Health.

“The bed issues at GV Health have always been a concern for prostate treatments.

“We have had to cancel traditional procedures because there were no beds for our patients to stay overnight.

“The great thing about Rezum is the patient does not have to stay, and they can go home after treatment,” she said.

Ms Joby said Rezum had received praise from health professionals and patients, so she was excited to now be part of the advancement.

“We have met the few patients who have had the treatment at St Vincent’s in Melbourne, and they are pleased with the results and said they were comfortable with the procedure, so it is great to now offer the service to regional Victoria,“ she said.