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GV Health Partners with Transforming Trauma Victoria on First Pilot

GV Health’s Women’s Recovery Network hospital in the home team is partnering with Transforming Trauma Victoria (TTV) in a capacity-building pilot. This collaboration marks a milestone in the journey towards improving mental health services for trauma-impacted Victorians.   Women’s Recovery Network (Wren), aims to provide specialized and inclusive care for women who have experienced trauma, sexual abuse, eating disorders, or perinatal mental health concerns in an inpatient and hospital-in-the-home setting. This innovative hospital-in-the-home model offers women the flexibility to receive high-quality treatment, care, and support within the facility or in the comfort of their homes.   Now, GV Health’s Wren hospital-in-the-home team is joining forces with TTV to further enhance their capacity to deliver tailored and dedicated therapeutic mental health care. As the world’s first jurisdiction-wide trauma service, TTV brings expertise from diverse stakeholders, including individuals with lived experience, researchers, educators, and implementation scientists. It is led by Phoenix Australia – Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health. This collaboration will undoubtedly improve mental health services for women in Victoria.   This pilot, supported by the Victorian Collaborative Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing, kicked off with a visit from the TTV leadership recently. The teams began co-designing the project and strengthened partnerships with leading local services, Rumbalara and Primary Care Connect.   By participating in this capacity-building pilot with TTV, GV Health is actively contributing to advancing trauma-informed care and the overall wellbeing of women in the community. Learn more here about the Women’s Recovery Network and the transformative work being done by TTV. Together, these efforts are making a difference in the lives of Victorian women, ensuring they have access to the care they deserve.