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GV Health launches new GV Doctors initiative

On Thursday 14 March, GV Health launched ‘GV Doctors’ – a new community for all doctors across the Goulburn Valley, supported by GV Health.
By uniting medical professionals across the Goulburn Valley, the new initiative aims to enhance medical leadership development, supervision and support for medical staff in the region.
‘GV Doctors’ is spearheaded by GV Health’s new Chief Medical Officer, Professor Erwin Loh, who joined GV Health in January 2024. Professor Loh said he is excited by the launch and what it promises for medical professionals in the region.
“With ’GV Doctors’, we will create a medical structure that nurtures and fosters high levels of engagement amongst medical professionals across the Goulburn Valley. It’s all about building opportunities and striving for excellence. We want people to proudly say ‘I am a GV Doctor’ and for others outside the region to want to come here and aspire to be a ‘GV Doctor’ too”, Professor Loh said.
To read more about ‘GV Doctors’ and the objectives of the initiative, click here: