GV Health Foundation was established in 1989, following a successful campaign to raise funds to build a new children’s ward at GV Health.

In 2010 the Foundation Board of Trustees resolved to broaden its support for all the clinical, community services and programs provided by the hospital. The Foundation was relaunched as the GV Health Foundation.

In 2011 the Foundation successfully conducted a $1.3 million public appeal for the new oncology unit at GV Health.

The foundation has always been driven by the community of the Goulburn Valley and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents across the region.

GV Health Foundation’s key purpose is fundraising for GV Health – to assist with the provision of medical equipment and other capital needs, to attract research funding and to raise funds for educational opportunities that will enhance services provided to the community.

GV Health Foundation is supported by community groups, service clubs, hospital auxiliaries, support groups, local businesses, philanthropic organisations and trusts, volunteers and individual community members who give generously to enhance health services in the Goulburn Valley.

For information about fundraising or making a donation, contact GV Health Foundation Director and Engagement, Claire Ewart-Kennedy on (03) 5831 0160 or claire.ewart-kennedy@gvhealth.org.au.