Waranga Redevelopment Update

The redevelopment at Rushworth is really starting to take shape with the erection of steel framing for the District Nursing/Community Health consulting rooms now complete, together with the installation of windows, rough in of services and plastering in this area.

Building works are also now underway to the acute area including the installation of roof trusses, windows, timber wall framing and steel framing, with the roof also now going on.

A Model of Care Steering Committee has been meeting regularly to ensure that when the redevelopment is complete staff is able to fully utilize the space and new facilities while providing the best quality of care for the residents at Waranga Health.

What’s Happening with the Old Hospital Building?

The Waranga Memorial Hospital resides on Crown land; therefore, it is currently up to the government what they would like to do with the building once it is no longer in use. GV Health is currently exploring options for what can be done with the building and will inform the community with options once it becomes clear.