Case Management

Case Management is a support service offered by Community Interlink. Case Managers are healthcare professionals who will assess, plan, support, review and evaluate your care needs. They will assist you to develop a Care Plan to identify your goals along with the support and services you require to achieve those goals.

Our staff will work with you and/or your family to ensure that an appropriate and agreed level of support is in place to meet your needs.

Case Managers are community care professionals who will work with you to assess, plan, support, review and evaluate your home care needs. The amount of support and contact your Case Manager provides is chosen by you. Your Case Manager will consult with you and get to know you. Case Managers will coordinate your choice of assistance and support to meet your health care needs.

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Support with Documentation
Case Management support extends to assisting with filling in forms and documentation which are relevant to maintain your care and wellbeing. Case Managers provide professional service which is personalised and confidentiality is assured.

If requested we can assist with filling in forms such as Centrelink, Department Human Services, Department Social Services, Medicare, Carers Support, Respite Services Relevant Aged Care Services, Council services and programs, Relevant discounts such as electricity, water and phone, Community transport to medical appointments, Grant applications, and other relevant financial forms

Case Manager’s Role with Care Plans
Your Case Manager will visit you in your own home and get to know you personally. Your Case Manager will work together with you and set up a Care Plan. The Care Plan will outline your goals and provide details of the care and services you have chosen to be delivered to you, in your home. The Care Plan will be tailored to suit your individual needs and will be monitored closely by your Case Manager. Your Case Manger will contact the relevant services and agencies and implement the care on your behalf. The Care Plan will also outline the amount of assistance you will receive from your Case Manager. This may vary as your health care needs change. Your Care Plan will be reviewed annually by your Case Manager in consultation with you.

The Role of a Case Manager In Advocacy
When you choose a Community Interlink Case Manager, you can be assured they will advocate on your behalf to relevant agencies and organisations. The Case Manager will exercise your rights and express your wishes which will ensure the best possible outcome.

Case Management Referrals
Community Interlink Case Managers live in your community, which enables them to have a greater connection to network with local services. The Case Manager will make any relevant contact with service providers via phone, face-to-face, fax, correspondence or other means.

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