Community Health Team

The Community Health Team is made up of Allied Health and Nursing Clinicians who provide a range of primary care services including counselling/social work, dietetics, sexual health nursing, occupational therapy, podiatry, physiotherapy and speech pathology to meet local needs and enable better health outcomes for the community.

The team provides services to people of any age, including babies and seniors.

The team provides:

  • Clinic appointments for all services
  • Home visiting for Occupational Therapy
  • Education, treatment, therapy and self care strategies to help manage a range of health conditions

The Community Health Team accepts referrals from the Greater Shepparton area and surrounding areas, excluding situations where there is a suitable service closer to the individual’s place of residence.

Who is eligible?
In most cases, people of all ages are eligible for Community Health Team services, from babies to seniors. However, some exclusions do apply. If someone is ineligible for the services of the Community Health Team, they will be directed to another service that meets their requirements.

Is there a waiting period?
A waiting period may apply and each client is seen according to their individual need.

Service Access
Clients can refer themselves or be referred by health professionals (such as their GP), friends or relatives with the consent of the client.

For more information please contact the Service Access Unit on 1800 222 582.

Community Health Team Services

Audiology services provided through the Community Health program aim for early and accurate diagnosis of hearing loss and balance disorders in order to prevent adverse outcomes, and ensure patient management is appropriate and optimal. GV Health Audiology Service is responsible for the early identification of hearing loss in children. Priority will be given to infants referred by the Victorian Infant Hearing Screening Program (VIHSP) and those referred as a result of Maternal and Child Health hearing screening.

Nutrition and Dietetics
Dietitians can assist you to make informed choices about food and eating. This may be for improving general health, or for a specific health condition or issue, including: bowel problems, weight loss or gain, eating disorders, fussy eating in children, and nutritional problems in babies. They can also help you learn about shopping for food and understanding labels, budgeting and improving your cooking skills.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapists can help you increase your abilities with tasks like home duties, personal care and community access. They can also assist with improving home safety by recommending rails, equipment or steps, or modifications in the home to make it easier for you to remain independent. Occupational Therapists may also work with children aged 0-6 years who have difficulties with general development (this can include fine motor, play and socialising with others).

Paediatric Asthma Community Education (PACE)
The PACE clinic provides information and education to children and their families newly diagnosed with asthma, or who have experienced a recent change in their symptoms. Referrals are made via GV Health Paediatricians and Emergency Departments only.

Physiotherapists work to help you keep moving well. This can be done with exercises, advice and other treatments. The goal of Physiotherapy is to keep your body strong so you can continue to do the activities you enjoy. Physiotherapists can also help people improve their balance. Physiotherapists can also work with babies and young children to check they are learning to move around in the best way possible.

Podiatrists can help you with managing foot and lower leg problems like pain, nail and skin issues, and wounds. They can also help people with Diabetes manage foot-related problems. Please note: Community Health Podiatry does not provide ongoing maintenance of nails, corns and calluses.

Social Work
Social Workers can help people manage their personal situations or problems in a proactive way. This can be to reduce the impact of these situations on a person’s mental and physical health. A Social Worker may help people and their carers access services and information they need to help in their personal situation, and counselling or tips to help manage such problems in a practical way.

Speech Pathology
Speech Pathologists may help people manage problems with speaking, swallowing and communicating with others. Swallowing problems can include eating and drinking difficulties. Community Health Speech Pathologists also work with children aged 0 to school age with a range of communication problems. They can also assist adults with communication and swallowing difficulties.

Sexual Health Nursing
The Meryula Clinic (Sexual Health Service) is a free and confidential sexual and reproductive health service that offers clients of all ages a safe setting in which to discuss sexual health concerns and receive specialist sexual and reproductive health care. The clinic is staffed by experienced registered nurses who have specialised training in sexual and reproductive health. The service can provide information, support, clinical services and appropriate specialist referral for issues surrounding sexually transmitted infections and blood borne viruses (including screening and treatment); contraception advice (including Implanon insertion and free condoms); emergency contraception; pregnancy testing (including unplanned pregnancy counselling and referral); pap smear testing; genital pain and discomfort; sex work certificates and referral to specialist services. No referral is required to access this service.