Radiation Therapy Service Shepparton

Market Sounding Process

Goulburn Valley Health (GV Health) is undertaking a market sounding process to:

  • Share its vision for integrated cancer services which include radiation therapy at the Shepparton Hospital Campus; and
  • Provide the industry with an opportunity for early input into the development of the radiation therapy service component, including the procurement process (if any) for such services.

The market sounding exercise will be focused on understanding:

  • Capability and interest in the delivery of a radiation therapy service at the GV Health Shepparton Hospital Campus;
  • Prior experience delivering radiation therapy services in rural locations and supporting the delivery of public sector cancer services;
  • Evolving models of care in radiation therapy, and cancer more broadly;
  • Procurement and funding models for radiation therapy services;
  • Benefits and challenges with integrating radiation therapy with the broader GV Health redevelopment and its operations; and
  • Benefits and challenges of providing a radiation therapy in a rural area.

GV Health intends to use the findings of the market sounding process to assist its planning and decision making in relation to the procurement of the radiation therapy service component of the integrated cancer services at the Shepparton Hospital Campus.

The market sounding is not a procurement process. In the event GV Health elects to run a procurement process in the future, industry participants will not be advantaged or disadvantaged by their decision to participate or not in the market sounding process.

Ernst & Young have been engaged by Goulburn Valley Health to conduct the Market Sounding Process.  Any interest in participating in the market sounding process can be communicated via email to:

Name:    Audrey Poli
Title:       Associate Director, Ernst & Young
Email:     Audrey.Poli@au.ey.com

Please note interested parties will be required to lodge their interest by close of business 18th October 2018.