Positive Experience has Patient Singing GV Health’s Praises

It was a typical afternoon in GV Health’s Emergency Department during the football/netball season. The waiting room was full of sporting injuries among other patients who were waiting to be seen.

Arcadia’s Carmel Sorraghan had been to an external GP earlier that morning as she was suffering with flu-like symptoms and struggling to breathe. She was sent for an X-ray and was told to go home to bed.

But that afternoon, Carmel’s pain got worse and she was struggling to stay conscious. Her partner took her straight to emergency, where her GV Health experience began.

“From the time we talked to the triage nurses to the time I left the hospital three days later I had the most fantastic care,” Carmel said.

“Triage was excellent, they found me a bed straight away because I was nearly passing out and I was in so much pain.

“The longest I would have waited was 10 minutes.

“I was seen instantly in emergency and was there for maybe three hours and then in the short-stay unit for an hour before they took me up to a ward,” she added.

Carmel said her diagnosis was quick after the doctor asked her about her symptoms and looked at the X-ray taken earlier in the day.

But before drawing to any conclusions, another X-ray was taken alongside blood tests and an ECG to rule out any other possible illnesses.

“The minute they knew I had pneumonia and all the tests were done they gave me something to eat and gave me pain killers and identified the antibiotics I needed.

“And the doctor I saw was just lovely, in fact the entire staff have just been excellent,” she said.

Carmel added that one area of her treatment she was most impressed with was the explanation of what medications she was given and why.

“Before they gave me a pain killer they gave me options and they explained everything so that I understood.

“Any question I had they answered.

“I even had someone from the care co-ordination unit call in to see if I needed some home help.”

Carmel also praised the nursing staff on how they handled shift changeovers, complimenting them on how they introduced themselves and shared information.

“All the staff from the doctors, nurses to the people that bring you food and clean your room was just fantastic.

“The food was good and every one of the staff has gone out of their way to make it a good experience.

“I couldn’t fault anything!

“It certainly is a very busy hospital and for someone like me who really doesn’t want to be in hospital, it has been a really good experience,” Carmel added.