Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning is everyone’s business and is particularly relevant to:

  • People with chronic progressive disease
  • People approaching end of life
  • People who are managing multiple health issues, including frailty.

Advance Care Planning is the process of planning for your future healthcare in case you get too sick to speak for yourself. Advance Care Planning provides an opportunity for you to express your health care values, beliefs and preferences.

How to complete an Advance Care Plan

  1. Think about the values that are important in your life
  2. Think about your current health and possible future health problems
  3. Think about what you would want from future medical care
  4. Talk to your family and /or next of kin about these issues
  5. Talk to you doctor about these issues
  6. Write down your wishes
  7. Choose an Enduring Power of Attorney – Medical (who becomes your agent).
  8. Go to the Advance Care Planning website linked below for more information and click the link for the State where you live for Advance Care Planning forms. This information is offered in a number of different languages.

If you have a documented Advance Care Plan, please bring along a copy with you to your next appointment or to receive further information ask to speak a health professional at GV Health who is trained as a Respecting Patient Choices® facilitator.

If you do not have an Advance Care Plan you can start the conversation with your family and your health professional.

For more information about Advance Care Planning visit these websites
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