One Year of Early Works has the Redevelopment Start Stage 2

It’s hard to believe that 12 months have passed since the $171 million redevelopment of GV Health’s Shepparton campus started.

As we reach week 52 of the redevelopment the exciting milestone of Stage 1 – Early Works is now reaching completion as we move into the next phase of Stage 2 – Main Works.

Luckily for us and our builders, Lendlease there haven’t been too many hiccups along the way. They have, however, found some interesting things buried while installing plenty of new services and removing old, redundant ones. Cap guns, old shovels, pipes leading nowhere and some old iron beds and cots have been some of the things uncovered.

The Early Works have included upgrades to the hospital’s power and flood and storm water mitigation. We have endured an incredible number of service shutdowns amounting to more than 30 outages in the past year. This also includes a number of consecutive weekends of power shutdowns where the hospital was running on 27 generators.

We have had a new Central Energy Plant (CEP) built with all new services installed including a new distribution switchboard for GV Health’s new tower and the installation of new transformers, both of which will assist with stabilising power supply to the hospital.

The Supply Department has had a new canopy built, we have had mock up rooms established to ensure what we build is fit for purpose, and we also have a new water pump room and the hospital is now running on new steam and hot water generators. We also have a new boiler house.

A number of new footpaths and driveways have been established around GV Health and compacting works have taken place to prepare the ground for our expanded Emergency Department (ED) and IPU Tower.

Piling works have taken place, including load testing on the new ED and Dialysis site to ensure the foundations of the new building works across GV Health are strong enough. The piling rig is currently digging the holes required for the IPU tower’s foundations.

Recently, the redevelopment hit an exciting milestone when the first concrete was poured for the slab for our ED extension, with a couple more pours scheduled in the coming weeks.

We now enter Stage 2 – Main Works, which will see both the Emergency Department and Dialysis Unit built and we will finally see the IPU tower rise out of the ground.