Movement Disorder Nurse Project A Success

A report on the Movement Disorder Nurse Rural Demonstration Project has been launched, following the successful completion of the two-year project.

A position was created in 2012 for a Movement Disorder Nurse to support local people with Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders.

GV Health Chief Executive Officer, Dale Fraser said: “The Movement Disorder Nurse role was established as part of a unique partnership agreement co-funded between GV Health, Parkinson’s Victoria and the Shepparton Parkinson’s Support Group, which drove the trial project.

“I am pleased to report that more than 200 people with Parkinson’s Disease or another movement disorder have received services from the Movement Disorder Nurse during the two year project and the service has helped to reduce travel to metropolitan areas.

“The Movement Disorder Nurse has improved the confidence of patients and carers to self-manage symptoms and medications, increased knowledge of 150 local health care providers through 23 education sessions, and improved clinical care through the introduction of advanced therapies at GV Health,” he said.

The report measured quality of life changes for patients who accessed the Movement

Disorder Nurse. A total of 76% of patients surveyed said their quality of life was maintained or improved as a result of being able to access support from the local Movement Disorder Nurse.

Dale Fraser said: “The Movement Disorder Nurse position has been evaluated and is a great success story. The role will continue to be funded as an ongoing component of the GV Health Community Rehabilitation Program.”

“GV Health acknowledges the significant efforts of Parkinson’s Victoria and the Shepparton Parkinson’s Support Group working along with GV Health to make this a success.”