State & National Health Indicators

State and national benchmarks are useful for comparing the health of our community or target population to identify any disparities and to also site these findings within policy and funding contexts.

  • Victorian Health Atlas-The Atlas provides online reports that combine location based statistics and map data.
  • Victorian Health Monitor-The Victorian Health Monitor provides an assessment of the prevalence of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease in the adult population
  • Victorian Population Heath Survey – The Victorian Population Health Survey for the general Victorian population has been conducted each year by the Department of Health and Human Services over the past ten years.
  • Alcohol and Drug research and data The Victorian Government funds a range of research into alcohol and other drug issues. This research provides data about attitudes, pattern of usage and alcohol and drug-related harm across Victoria.
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Health Survey – The 2011-13 Australian Health Survey (AHS) is the largest and most comprehensive health survey ever conducted in Australia and includes general health status measures, health risk factors and long-term health conditions.
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics, Births, Australia -This publication brings together statistics for live births and fertility in Australia. Data refer to births registered during the calendar year.
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics, Causes of Death, Australia – This publication provides statistics on the number of deaths for reference year by state or territory of Australia, sex, selected age groups, and causes of death classified to the WHO’s International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Health Related Problems (ICD).
  • Australia’s Health Australia’s health 2016 is the 15th biennial health report of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Australia as 100 people infographics available at this site.
  • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Data Index -This is a list of the data available (SAS or spreadsheets) across subject areas on
  • National Health Priority Areas – The National Health Priority Areas (NHPAs) are diseases and conditions that Australian governments have chosen for focused attention because they contribute significantly to the burden of illness and injury in the Australian community.