Koolin Balit

Koolin Balit means healthy people in the Boonwurrung language. Koolin Balit is the Victorian Government’s strategic directions for Aboriginal health over the next 10 years.


Within a decade, the length and quality of life of Aboriginal people in Victoria will have improved significantly and measurably.

Objectives of this initiative include…

  1. Close the gap in life expectancy for Aboriginal people living in Victoria.
  2. Reduce differences in health outcomes between the general population and target groups for infant mortality rates, morbidity and low birth-weights.
  3. Improve access to services and outcomes for Aboriginal people.

Three enablers provide a foundation for the key priorities, and support their achievement:

  1. Improving data and evidence
  2. Strong Aboriginal organisations
  3. Cultural responsiveness.

The following resources provide data and evidence in support of this strategy