GV Health Launches its Strategic Plan 2019-23

GV Health has launched its Strategic Plan 2019-23 detailing where the health service’s focus will be over the next five years.

The new Plan, launched by GV Health Board Chair, Rebecca Woolstenscroft and GV Health Chief Executive Matt Sharp, puts people and their families who GV Health provide services for at the centre of everything we do and sets out how we will work with our community, our health care partners and government to deliver high-quality care for all in the Goulburn Valley region.

The new Plan has replaced its previous mission and vision statement to now have a statement about Our Purpose – Improving community wellbeing through high-quality health services, outstanding care and learning.

GV Health has identified four key pillars to respond to our strategic drivers and these form the foundation of our strategic plan. Each pillar contains a section detailing what success will look like in 2023 at the conclusion of the five year period. Measures will be in place across the life of the Plan to evaluate success and inform continuous improvement. The four pillars are:

  • We CREATE safe and high-quality health care that always puts people first.
  • We CREATE values-based health care partnerships which deliver equitable and accessible health care for all.
  • We CREATE an inspirational workplace founded on a strong culture where talented people work with purpose and pride.
  • We CREATE a positive health care environment that fosters collaboration and innovation.

GV Health Board Chair, Rebecca Woolstencroft said it was important the new Plan represented what GV Health wanted to achieve, which was high-quality care for everyone in the region.

“What was really important through this process was we wanted to understand what high-quality care looked like and what does it feel like,” Ms Woolstencroft said.

“And it’s all about being people centred and delivering the best possible outcomes for the people that we work with.

“When we are dealing with people, we need to keep in mind what’s important to them, not just what’s important to the system.

“Delivering better outcomes is why we are all here and why people work in public health care because they are concerned about people and their health and wellbeing so we continue that focus,” she added.

GV Health has a renewed focus on supporting and developing its people across the organisation and strengthening our positive culture. Our CREATE values have been retained in the Plan and we will be focusing on two key words being CREATE. Outstanding. as the key underpinning everything we do across GV Health.

The CREATE values and behaviours are the foundations for our strategic pillars and for achieving our goals. The CREATE values are:

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Ethical Behaviour

Chief Executive Matt Sharp said the CREATE values were kept in the new plan as they resonate with all staff.

“The reason we retained those values is because they really resonated with people at a really personal level and I think that is really critical for any place… that you work at that alignment with the core values of the organisation and those of your own personal values.

“The values resonate because they are at the heart of what drives people to work in public health care,” Mr Sharp said.

GV Health 2019-23 Strategic Plan