GV Health Launches 10-Year Service Plan To Meet Community Needs

GV Health has launched a 10-year Service Plan, which outlines the future direction of services at Goulburn Valley Health and identifies the key priorities to meet significant increases in community demand.

Mr Fraser said: “GV Health aims to provide more services to local people.  We will increase the range of health care services provided to treat patients locally and enable the provision of specialised care closer to home.

“The Plan has involved extensive consultation and is based on research. It clarifies and maps out the future needs of our community, the current capability and the pathways from where we are today, to where we need to be for the future. It also outlines a number of priorities where work is to be done.

“GV Health requires improved infrastructure capacity and increased clinical capability, which we will achieve through specialised training, recruitment and partnerships, to deliver high level services locally.

“Today’s $1m announcement by the Minister for Health, Jill Hennessy, is important because it will enable us to identify the infrastructure capability needed to meet our service delivery goals.

“The Service Plan provides a clear road map to meet the needs of our community into the future,” he said.

A snapshot of key priorities and service directions outlined in the plan include:

Cardiac (Heart) Services

GV Health will introduce cardiac (heart) services in the local area and will broaden the range of associated treatments to ensure we address the growing needs of our community.

Specialised Surgery Services

GV Health aims to attract more surgeons and strengthen surgical services through the recruitment of specialised surgeons and training of theatre nurses to support services. Enhanced surgery services will include a program to address elective surgery waiting lists for a range of specialities including orthopaedics, ear, nose and throat, urology, gynaecology and endoscopy amongst others.

Increased Emergency Department Capacity

The level of community demand for Emergency Department services has significantly increased and will continue to grow. GV Health aims to improve timely access to emergency care and enhance patient experience through strengthening services and doubling the treatment space capacity.

Local Cancer Services

There is growing demand for cancer services. GV Health will develop an integrated cancer model for the region that minimises patient inconvenience and travel, and provides treatment locally. Access to medical, surgical and a range of cancer treatment services will be enhanced. No person from our catchment should have limited access to the full range of treatment options.

Expansion of Mental Health Services

Access to Mental Health Services will continue to increase in response to growing demand. Services will be integrated and will focus on a recovery-oriented model of care for clients.

Enhanced Maternity Services

GV Health will enhance regional maternity services and continue to support other hospitals in our region. Capacity to deliver high dependency newborn services will be increased and children’s services (specialised paediatric services) will continue to grow.

Increased Palliative Care

GV Health will increase palliative care services to meet the needs of our growing, ageing community and to provide specialist care for patients at their most vulnerable, end-of-life stages.

Greater Dialysis Capacity

There is an increased demand for renal (kidney) services and an associated need to expand our capacity to deliver this vital service for our community. To meet growth, GV Health will deliver a broader range of renal services and will increase the number of dialysis chairs from 7 to 16 over the next 10 years.

Improving Rushworth’s Services

The hospital and hostel sites will be co-located, consolidated and redeveloped to broaden and enhance services for the region.

Please visit our Publications page for a copy of the Service Plan.