GV Health is participating in a pilot project ‘Report Racism’ as a designated reporting place between 1 September and December 2015. The project enables people to report incidents of racism that are experienced or witnessed.

Examples of racism might include violence, racist graffiti, racial harassment, abuse at a sporting event, refusal or bad service because of race, or discrimination at work or school.

The pilot project aims to create an environment where people can feel confident and safe to report any incident of racism.

People wishing to report racism can be assisted by a Report Racism officer at GV Health or report directly to the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.

GV Health CEO Dale Fraser said many people face racism on a daily basis but they don’t know how to report it or don’t think anything will be done about it.

“The Report Racism project aims to empower people to share their experience of racism and to feel heard.

”We’re pleased to join the pilot project to provide safe places to support the local community in Shepparton,” said Mr Fraser.

People can report racism in person at two GV Health locations: the Graham Street Campus (Minya Barmah Room): Tuesdays 9am to noon, or Community Health @ GV Health, Corio Street, Shepparton: Tuesdays 12.30pm to 4pm or Fridays 9am to noon.

Other organisations in Shepparton where people can report racism include: the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service, Rumbalara Justice Services and Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre. Individuals can also contact the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission directly on phone: 1300 292 153 or (03) 9032 3583, email: reportracism@veohrc.vic.gov.au or visit the website: www.humanrightscommission.vic.gov.au

The project is being trialled initially at two locations – Northern Melbourne and Shepparton. All reports of racism are welcome.

This initiative is supported by a partnership between the Victorian Equal Rights Commission, Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service and Victoria Police.