ED renovations complete

Renovation works at the GV Health emergency department have been completed and the newly improved  waiting area is now open.

The expansion was conducted in response to public feedback about the need for improved and expanded facilities for patients waiting for treatment and their families or carers.

The renovations were funded by community donations to help improve patient flow through the emergency department.

Expanding and improving the facilities within the emergency department enables us to better respond to the emergency care needs of the community in the future. Enhancing the physical waiting room amenities and providing an additional 25 square metres of space has  doubled the size of the waiting area.

The installation of new signage in the emergency department will improve communication and ensure clear directions are provided to patients upon their arrival at the hospital, and about what to do when they get there.

The building works included:

  • Three cubicles re-designed to meet the specific needs of children and families. Windows and doors made from switchable glass, instead of the traditional cubicle curtain, provide privacy and security. With the flick of a switch, the glass can turn from clear to frosted to enable observation and/or privacy. The rooms are also themed appropriately with jungle, space and under water motifs to help distract children.
  • A new access point was created from the emergency department into the imaging department to streamline the movement of patients in and out of the department.
  • The nursing station overlooking the short-stay beds was upgraded to offer better oversight of patients.
  • The waiting area for the emergency department has expanded to include 20 additional seats. A child-friendly play area has been created to entertain children with appropriate toys in a secure environment.

The construction work has been completed on time and on budget and the newly improved facilities can now be used.

We are grateful for the ongoing support from the community, which has made the renovations to the Emergency Department possible.

Community contributions for the renovations totalled approximately $700,000, including donations from the GV Health Foundation ($454,000), Shepparton Central  Rotary Club ($85,000) Tatura Milk ($10,000), Blokes and Boats ($7000), as well as anonymous donors and other community donations.