Disability Support at GV Health

If you have a disability or special needs, this page will assist you in finding the right support.
Scroll down to find information about: Disability Liaison Officers , COVID-19, the Hospital Information Booklet, photo libraries, who to contact for help and physical access.

Disability Liaison Officers at GV Health

We support people with disability to use hospital services and access the care and treatment they need.

About us

Our Disability Liaison Officers support people with disability, their families and carers to access services at GV Health. We can also help you to find what you need from other health services.

We have a strong focus on making sure that you can access COVID-19 screening, treatment and vaccination easily.

Our services

We provide the following services:

  • Support for people with disability, their families and carers to access COVID-19 screening and treatment
  • Support for people with disability, their families and carers to access other GV Health services and other health and human services
  • Support for inpatients with a disability and the teams caring for them
  • Advice to other GV Health services and staff on how to provide care that is more accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities
  • We listen to what you need to access your healthcare.
  • We don’t take the place of your regular health care professionals but we can work with them to make sure you are able to access the care and support that you need.
  • We can provide support for people with disability and local disability service providers through the vaccination process. We can assist with individual and group bookings for supported disability accommodation services (SDA).

Contact Us

Monday, Tuesday Thursday Friday
Email: disabilityliaison.officers@gvhealth.org.au
Mobile: 0436 449 197 or 0437 074 179

For all emergencies call 000.
Do you need to plan a hospital visit?
If you need help to organise a hospital visit, talk to your GP. You may ask for a referral to Disability Liaison Officer for help with developing a Hospital Passport.

Do you have an admission date?
If you have an admission date for a procedure and you or your carer would like to talk to someone about preparing for this admission, call 5823 6516 to talk to our Disability Liaison Officers.

Are you coming to hospital unexpectedly?
If you are presenting to hospital unexpectedly, but it is not an emergency, call 5823 6516 and ask for Disability Liaison Officer or After Hours Manager. They can help to communicate with the Emergency Department when needed.

My Hospital Information Booklet

What is the Hospital Information Booklet?
The Hospital Information Booklet is a special form that can describe your health and care needs. The information can include your background, abilities, support needs, routines, likes and dislikes. This can make it easier for hospital workers to know what you might need when you are in hospital.

Who can use it?
The Hospital Information Booklet can be used to help anyone who has special needs, including cognitive, communication or physical support needs. We want to make it easier for people with a disability to have a good experience in hospital.

How does it work?
Your family, carers or support workers can help to complete your Hospital Information Booklet. You can get a Hospital Information Booklet from the GV Health Disability Liaison Office. Please call or email using below contact details.

When your Hospital Information Booklet is finished, you or your carers or should bring it with you if you need to come to hospital. If travelling to hospital by ambulance please try to remember to give the information book to Ambulance Officers. Your Hospital Information Booklet will help us to know more about you and how we can look after you.

Photo libraries

Photos of the hospital have been put into booklets to help you get ready for coming to hospital. You can look at photos of different parts of the hospital so you know what to expect when you visit.

Links to hospital photo Library would be here. Photos have been made into a booklet so you cant print to support visit.

The photos can be downloaded separately here. You could use these for a social story or information page about coming to hospital.

Hospital Entrance Main entrance
Automatic door
Help Desk
Public Lifts
Emergency Department Emergency entrance
Waiting area
Children waiting area
Medical Imaging Front desk
Waiting area
Changing room
Ultra Sound
Day of Surgery Admissions Entrance
Front Desk
Waiting area
Children’s Ward Entrance
Parents Lounge
Play Room
waiting area
Staff station
Treatment room
Patient room
Inpatient wards Staff station
Patient bed
Call bell
Patient entertainment system
Pathology staff
Other hospital areas Pharmacy
Aboriginal Support Services
Sacred Space
Community Dental Services Lifts
Front desk
Waiting area

Physical access

Patient pick up and drop off
Patient pick up and drop off zones are located at the main hospital entrance off Graham St Street Including the Emergency Department entrance Parking time limits are from 5-15 minutes in the pick up and drop off zones.

The main hospital entrance off Graham Street is a double electric sliding door.

Public lifts are located at the main hospital entrance off Graham Street these lifts will take you to dental. Public Lift is small and can accommodate only two people at a time. If you don’t like lifts or would prefer to use stairs, go to the stairs on your immediate left when you come in the main entrance.
Public lifts to medical
Public Lifts to surgical and ICU

Accessible toilets
Accessible toilets are located in the following areas:
Ground floor- emergency department
Ground floor- paediatric unit
Ground floor Elsie Jones education centre
Ground floor Integrative care services
1st Floor
New inpatient Tower

Reception at main entrance can help you find your way. You can go to the front desk near the main entrance to ask for help.

Related services

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Disability Information Helpline

1800 643 787 – open Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm and weekends 9am – 7pm.

Vaccination Hotline

1800 675 398 For an interpreter, press 0.

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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)