Annual Service Recognition Awards

A large number of GV Health staff have been recognised at the hospital’s Annual Service Recognition Awards 2017 celebrating the achievements of those who have reached certain milestones in their years of service.

Awards for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service were given out at special lunches and afternoon teas held at three of GV Health’s sites including Rushworth, Tatura and the Graham Street campus.

A cocktail party was held at Cellar 47 in Shepparton for staff who achieved milestones of 30, 35 and 40 years of service, with GV Health Board Chair Rebecca Woolstencroft and GV Health Chief Executive Officer Trevor Saunders handing out the awards and congratulating staff for their outstanding commitment to the health service.

“A big congratulations and thank you to all of our staff today and to those that have previously received an award in recognition of length of service,” Mr Saunders said.

“It’s also great to see so many people here supporting their colleagues.”

Ms Woolstencroft said she was in awe of those who had provided such an excellent level of service for such a long time.

List of Recipients

10 Years of Service

Muhammad Abdullah                                    Visiting Medical Officer

Kellie Adams                                                   Food Services

Tess Alegre                                                     Glasshouse Café

Sue Bennett                                                    Grutzner House

Monique Camm                                              Nursing Education

Rosina Campi                                                  Emergency Department

Laura Canning                                                 Emergency Department

Sam Cassar                                                      Food Services

Kristin D’Agruma                                            Supply Department

Stacey Davies                                                  Community Rehabilitation Centre

Joanne Dean                                                    West Hume Clinical Nurse Continence Consultant

Grant Fenn                                                       Environmental Services

Blair Ferguson                                                  Infrastructure

Mary-Ann Fogarty                                           Food Services

Tracey Forster                                                  Self Management Support Team

Melanie Fraser                                                 Hospital Admission Risk Program – Disease Management

Marisa Ganino                                                  Integrated Care Services

Lynette Gibbs                                                   Home Nursing Service

Nicole Grimmer                                                Oncology Unit

Sian Hudson                                                      Community Rehabilitation Centre

Bridget Hurley                                                   Maternity Services

Noel Johnson                                                    Health Supplies Shop

Dr Carolyn Kamenjarin                                      Medical Training Unit

Marli Kelly                                                         Occupational Therapy

Barbara Kitto                                                     Self Management Support Team

Dianne Lagudi                                                   Pathology Services

Robyn Lenon                                                     Food Services

John Londrigan                                                 Pathology Services

Maura Malya                                                     Medical Unit

Deborah Maxfield                                             Hotel Services

Narelle Maxted                                                 Health Information Services

Rosemary McIntosh                                          Waranga Hostel

Anne McKenzie                                                 Health Information Services

Julie McNamara                                                Mental Health Services

Melissa Nicoll                                                    Physiotherapy

Shannon O’Brien                                              Environmental Services

Esther Oguntade                                              Hume Region Early Psychosis

Deanne O’Shea                                                Pathology Services Echuca

Lyn Paterson                                                     Food Services

Ellen Peacoulakis                                              Intensive Care Unit

Adrian Pensak                                                   Emergency Department

Dr Mathew Piercy                                            Senior Medical Officer

Janene Pogue                                                   Surgical Unit

Leasa Rabl                                                         Patient Admissions/Discharge

Tanya Reid                                                        Community Interlink

Sandra Ryan                                                      Food Services – Tatura

Cynthia Scott                                                     Aboriginal Liaison

Gracie Shephard                                               Rural Allied Health Team

Melinda Slattery                                               Pathology Services Echuca

Linley Smith                                                     Oncology Unit

Meredith Stephens                                           Pathology Services

Fa Tautala                                                         Obstetrics Unit

Julie Taylor-Watt                                              Health Information Services

Sally Thomas                                                    Primary Mental Health Services

Sonya Treacy                                                    Food Services

Virginia Trewin                                                 Special Consulting Suite

Brent Uren                                                       Visiting Medical Officer

Luke Usher                                                       Emergency Department

Margaret Watson                                             Waranga Campus

Deborah Wedding                                           Home Nursing Service

Donna Whelan                                                 Aged Care Assessment Service

15 Years of Service

Patricia Adam                                                 Rehabilitation/Geriatric Evaluation Management Unit

Heather Ballard                                              Grutzner House

Lyndall Bigland                                               Physiotherapy

Kathleen Blackney                                          Central Sterile Supply

Michelle Bowater                                            Adult Clinical Community Care Mental Health – Seymour

Melanie Brown                                                Emergency Department

Fiona Close-Stray                                           Special Consulting Suite

Claire Crawford                                              Special Consulting Suite

Kimberley Dagger                                         Special Consulting Suite

Mr David Dalton                                           Surgery

Rachel Delahenty                                         Rehabilitation/Geriatric Evaluation Management Unit

Cathy Dooling                                             Health Information Services

Carolyn Drenen                                           Grutzner House

Dianne Fell                                                  Waranga Hostel

Leonie Fox                                                   Wanyarra

Sarah Grundy                                              Maternity Services

Kylie Hall                                                    Day Procedure Unit

Greg Halliday                                             Environmental Services

Jessie Hansen                                             Grutzner House

Kathleen Henderson                                  Integrated Care Services

Jennifer Hendy                                          Aged Care Assessment Service

Rose Hines                                                Grutzner House

Tunya Jarvis                                               Emergency Department

Carla Jewell                                               Medical Workforce

Paul Jewell                                               Health Information Services

Robyn Jones                                           Adult Clinical Community Care – Mental Health Services

Daniel O’Connor                                    Environmental Services

Milan Pavlovic                                        Senior Medical Officer

Shirley Rhodes                                       Intensive Care Unit

Angela Sortino                                       Surgical Unit

Geoffrey Threlfall                                   Operating Theatre

Wendy West                                          Nurse Bank/Pool

Richard Wills                                          Wanyarra

20 Years of Service

Louise Adams                                       Waranga Hostel

Rochelle Chadwick                                Regional Continence Service

Doreen Clarke                                       Community Interlink

Carol Davis                                            Emergency Department

Pamela Ewert                                        Aged Psychiatry Assessment and Treatment Team

Julie Glass                                             Paediatric Home Care

Deborah Harrison                                Rehabilitation/Geriatric Evaluation Management Unit

Pauline Holt                                         Waranga Hostel

Lisa Hooper                                         Medical Imaging

Kathryn Jennings                                Intensive Care Unit

Anne-Marie Lawless                           Rehabilitation/Geriatric Evaluation Management Unit

Sandra Loffel                                      Mental Health Triage

Mary Macgill                                      Obstetrics Unit

Julie Mathewson                                 Hospital Admission Risk Program – Disease Management

Tania Meulenmeesters                       Food Services – Waranga

Maria Perry                                        Community Rehabilitation Centre

Kate Reid                                            Medical Unit

Kim Rowan                                         Health Information Services

Rhonda White                                   Rural Allied Health Team

Carmelina Zito                                   Pathology Services

Julie Moroney                                   Oncology – 20 years service  in 2015

25 Years of Service

Helen Burgess                                   Emergency Department

Graeme Carey                                   Engineering

Kristen Dempster                              Dental Services

Nicole Jeffery                                    Home Nursing Service

Bruce Mason                                     Food Services

Wendy May                                      Wanyarra

Justine McConnell                           Patient Admissions/Discharge

Gabrielle Munro                              West Hume Clinical Nurse Wound Consultant

Heather Newbegin                          Regional Continence Service

Luisa Niglia                                      Tatura Campus

Deberoh Novotny                           Medical Unit

Beryl O’Connor                                Obstetrics Unit

Dr John Pedrotti                              Hospital in the Home

Shauna Picard                                   Physiotherapy

Dr Glen Russell                                  Obstetrics

Grant Searle                                       Child Youth Mental Health Services

30 Years of Service

Graham Barrette                              Finance Department

Ronald Boyle                                     I ntensive Care Unit

Sallianne Brown                                 Rehabilitation/Geriatric Evaluation Management Unit

Merilynn Cree                                   Pathology Services

Donna Ford                                       Aged Care Assessment Service

Loretta Grant                                     Special Consulting Suite

Judith Healey                                     Medical Imaging

Kim Ibbott                                          Waranga Campus

Jennifer Keryk                                   Aged Psychiatry Assessment and Treatment Team

Carmel  O’Sullivan                            Grutzner House

Ann Pearn                                          Obstetrics Unit

Jan Phillips                                         Quality and Clinical Service Planning

Pat Sacco                                            Wanyarra

Helen Sands                                       Intensive Care Unit

Catherine Scott                                 Nursing and Midwifery Education

Gavin Strachan                                  Emergency Department

Pauline Truman                                 Aged Care Assessment Service

George Xenitellis                             Food Services

35 Years of Service

Judith Baker                                       Day Procedure Unit

Pamela Daniels                                  Pathology Services

Catherine Meredith                           Maternity Services

Donna Rooney                                  Home Nursing Service

Lisa Thomas                                      Medical Workforce

Fay Van Taarling                              Rehabilitation/Geriatric Evaluation Management Unit

Glenda Watson                                Health Information Services

40 Years of Service

Christina Baker                                  Medical Imaging

Bernadette Purss                               Rehabilitation/Geriatric Evaluation Management Unit

Beverley Steward                              Operating Theatre