Vision, Mission and Values


Healthy communities


Goulburn Valley Health is the regional provider of health services. We will:

  • Provide the highest quality care and service in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injury,disease and other clinical conditions
  • Support integrated health care
  • Drive innovation in healthcare provision
  • Work in partnership with others to promote healthy communities
  • Provide leadership in health care to the region
  • Provide opportunities for teaching, training and research in health care
  • Attract health care professionals as an employer of choice


Compassion – We are caring and considerate in our dealings with others.
Respect – We acknowledge, value, and protect the diversity of beliefs, and support the rights of others in delivering health services.
Excellence – We act with professionalism to bring the highest quality of care to meet the needs of our patients.
Accountability – We will be responsible for the care and patient outcomes provided by GV Health, and the consequences of our actions.
Teamwork – We work constructively and collaboratively within GV Health as well as with external partners to deliver integrated care to our patients.
Ethical Behaviour – We act with integrity, professionalism, transparency, honesty and fairness to earn the trust of those we care for.