Infection Prevention and Control Program

The Infection Prevention and Control Program is a coordinated facility-wide infection surveillance, prevention and control program. Qualified Infection Prevention and Immunisation Nurses coordinate the program and report regularly to the Infection Control Executive sponsor, Infection Prevention and Control Committee, and all relevant stakeholders.

The primary role of the Infection Prevention and Control Service is to prevent patients, residents, visitors and staff from acquiring preventable healthcare associated infections and effectively manage infections when they occur by using evidence based strategies. Our consumers are staff, patients, residents and clients who access Goulburn Valley Health services.

Infection Preventionists are actively involved in education and orientation of all staff at Goulburn Valley Health in relation to contemporary infection prevention strategies within health care. Infection Preventionists consult with relevant stakeholders, and undertake research to develop and update guidelines in line with best practice.

Daily surveillance activities undertaken include:
• Monitoring compliance to standard and transmission based precautions.
• Review and action of relevant pathology results – these include Multi-Resistant Organisms, wound infections, clostridium difficile infections and blood stream infections.

Daily surveillance activities and protocols guide Goulburn Valley Health Staff on when it is necessary to implement outbreak management systems. Infection Preventionists oversee outbreak management and ensure appropriate reporting to the Department of Health and Human Services is undertaken. The types of outbreaks may include Multi-Resistant Organisms, Surgical Site Infections, Gastroenteritis and Influenza.

Hand Hygiene
Hand hygiene is the single most effective strategy known to reduce the risk of health-care associated infection. All levels of hospital management support the hand hygiene program.

To enhance our hand hygiene strategy we are promoting awareness of the importance of hand hygiene (washing hands and using foam hand sanitiser) across the organisation.

Patients, families and staff have an important role to play to ensure hand hygiene is practiced. We are actively encouraging everyone to feel comfortable enough the ask the question: “Have you washed your hands?”

Healthcare workers and volunteers may be exposed to, and transmit, vaccine preventable diseases (VPD). Goulburn Valley Health offers it’s healthcare workers vaccinations, free of charge according to the Department of Health and Human Services Guidelines.

Hand hygiene for the Community
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