Cultural Diversity

GV Health serves one of the most culturally diverse communities in country Victoria.  We are committed to ensuring that services are accessible; respectful and responsive to the needs, preferences and experience of members of these communities.

The region’s cultural and linguistic diversity includes people from approximately 88 countries who speak 63 different languages.  This includes communities established as a result of migration following the Second World War, primarily from Southern European countries such as Italy and Greece.  In recent years there has been a significant number of new settlers to the region, particularly Arabic speaking people from countries such as Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait.

To support the needs of these communities, GV Health:

  • Provides Interpreter services
  • Offers translated materials in a range of languages
  • Works in partnership with other agencies and convenes the Shepparton Refugee and Asylum Seeker Network
  • Provides cultural awareness training for staff

Interpreters are available for Goulburn Valley Health staff and clients, 24 hours a day, seven days a week in most languages.  If an onsite interpreter cannot be provided a telephone interpreter will be available. Other tools such as Cue Cards and Health Translations are also available to staff and clients.  A range on information is also available in different languages. All Goulburn Valley Health staff are provided with the opportunity to undertake training in how to work with interpreters and to provide linguistically and culturally appropriate services.

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